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True to its name, Surgeonline is a highly specialised professional service focussed solely on surgical billing.  Surgeonline…
Hides the Complexity

Hides the Complexity: There are as many exceptions as there are rules, and all of them are taken care of for you.

Medicare imposes item number restrictions, multiple operation rules, procedure multiplier categories, diagnostic imaging multiple service rules, location-specific practice numbers, not-aftercare flags, referral overrides, self-deemed services, and the list goes on.

Health funds and WorkCover authorities then add custom location-specific schedules, tiered gap scheme policies, split billing, pre-registration MBS rates, operation report and procedure annotation requirements, scaled diagnostic imaging multiple service rule deductions, and more.

Surgeonline's Invoice Calculation Engine has been developed and expanded over more than a decade to incorporate the above factors and many more. In that time it has generated well over half a million invoices, providing extensive data on the quirks of Medicare and the health funds' claims processing systems. Surgeonline regularly uses this claims processing data to further optimise our invoice calculations.

Evolves Dynamically

Evolves Dynamically: Schedules change, new rules are introduced and new exceptions are uncovered.

Health funds introduce new schedules with little warning, often after the date they take effect. Mergers and takeovers result in changed schedules, new registration requirements and altered gap scheme rules. Undocumented exceptions are exposed in Medicare and health fund claims processing that require invoice calculation adjustments.

It makes no sense for individual providers and practices to try to keep track of these changes, which is why Surgeonline is constantly refining its Invoice Calculation Engine, verifying it with a steady throughput of many thousands of claims every week.

By ensuring that every claim is sent at the absolute highest billable rate, Surgeonline pays for itself even before you factor in the practice administration savings that its registration, invoice distribution, payment tracking, logging and reporting features provide.

Offers Flexibility

Offers Flexibility: Do as much or as little hands-on administration as you wish, saving your practice money or time.

  • Invoices can be entered quickly and easily on our web site for the most cost effective service. We offer live ECLIPSE patient verification and provide you with a detailed editable preview of the invoice calculations before submission.
  • Our Data Entry staff can enter your claims for you for an additional fee.
  • If you sign up for our Premium Service, your Account Manger will log all of your payments and automatically chase any outstanding invoices.
  • Alternatively, you can take full advantage of our Standard Service. Since most claims are processed and paid in full with no intervention, Surgeonline's base transaction fee is far lower than the rate all-inclusive billing services charge. We offer a Debt Collection service that can be triggered as needed when health funds or patients require chasing up.
  • Our experienced staff are domain experts in surgical billing, having come from backgrounds in Medicare and the health funds, so either way your outstanding claims will be resolved quickly and thoroughly with detailed progress reports.
Helps Build Networks

Helps Build Networks: Did the assistant for your list cancel at the last minute? Find assistants with ease.

Surgeonline offers a free Operating List feature, allowing surgeons to advertise upcoming lists to our extensive database of assistants. Applications are accompanied by a summary of the assistant's experience to help you select the best person for the job. Lists are typically filled within hours of being advertised.

Aids Business Management

Aids Business Management: Log payments, generate reports and analyse your financial data.

Surgeonline makes managing your practice a breeze, with detailed Invoice Registry, Payments Received and Reports pages.

The Surgeonline Invoice Registry and Payments Received pages allow you to filter, view, edit and resubmit your pending claims free of charge. You can also monitor for rejections and view ECLIPSE processing and payment reports.

The Surgeonline Reports page enables flexible analysis of your Operation History, Outstanding Invoices and Logged Payments. Data can be selected, grouped and filtered based on operation details, health fund and location to facilitate fine-grained practice analysis. Dedicated reports provide all the information you need at tax time, and all reports can be downloaded in spreadsheet form for further processing and archiving.

Welcomes Visitors

Welcomes Visitors: Registration is free! Sign up today to start exploring all of the ways Surgeonline can benefit your surgical practice.

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